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Meet the Founder: Pasta&Core

Last week, we were able to catch up with one of our all time favourite small businesses: Pasta&Core. As you all probably know, we're one of their regular customers, so we were really happy to be able to discover a bit about their story and what motivated them to start. The company is run by the couple dream team, Giulia and Stefano, two Italian chefs.

Where does your passion for cooking come from?

We both come from very strong culinary traditions, Stefano’s grandmothers, like proper southern women have always cooked real banquets for their numerous families. For me, Giulia, my family owned one of the best bakeries in my area. We both grew up with our hands covered in dough. We are two people that are strongly linked to our traditions. We come from a culture where pasta its served every day, olive oil its one of our best friends, and there is no better way to start the day with a good soffritto (the base for most Italian cooking comprising of celery, onions and carrots)!

What inspired you to start your business?

Since we started our life together, we’ve always wanted to create something of our own, something that would make us feel economically free, something we could one day leave to our children. When lockdown first started, our life, like everyone else’s, changed drastically. At the beginning we felt a bit lost and insecure, probably because of the distance between us and our families, but once this global emergency started to become the “new normal”, we found our spark, and decided to put into action what we'd always dreamed of. So after months and months of ideas, some of them better then others, at the beginning of December 2020 we created Pasta&Core, our little gem. Having lived abroad for so many years , we realized that apart from our families, the things that we miss most was the food, the smells, Sundays at grandmother’s, sharing cakes with the neighbours, in short, everything associated with cooking with love. Pasta&Core was born especially to try to to bring to the tables of people we haven't met a little bit of the belief that cooking should be done with love.

You're also very involved in giving back to the community and protecting the planet. Can you explain a bit more about that?

Climate change is the pressing issue of our generation. Luckily, the use of recyclable materials and the abolition of plastic is becoming more widespread, and we want to remain optimistic in thinking that if each of us do our part, in few years we will be able to see a difference. For us, being a small business means we have the chance to pay attention to the details , for example buying loose vegetables, using meat that comes from small farms that use non-intensive farming techniques, and using as many seasonal products as possible. Our Packaging is made 90% from recycled paper and Bioplastic ( Starch-Based Plastic). In an ideal word, as we are an Italian kitchen, we would only use Italian products, which sound like a tempting idea and also very doable, as London is filled with Italian suppliers. However, we think it’s right to reduce the impact we have on the planet and we appreciate local ingredient and farmers. For example, we use amazing red potatoes from Kent and Wheat Flour cultivated and milled near Tetbury. Something we’re especially proud about its our little herb garden where we cultivate sage, basil and the parsley used in our menu.

As the month of March is women's month, we decided to donate a part of our profit to an association that helps women and children in need of help, mostly from domestic abuse. This initiative was born from the desire to help as many people as possible and from the awareness that to receive one must give, and we are not talking about money or economic interest but about support, love , power, or even just a smile. We consider ourselves lucky and even blessed as neither we nor anyone close to us has ever had to face domestic abuse, but we are aware that unfortunately not everyone is lucky enough to receive what they deserve, what is right, what shouldn’t be denied to any human being. It is the first charity project that Paste&Core is participating in, but there will certainly be many more in the future.

What are the next steps for Pasta&Core?

We have a million things we would like to do with this business, and maybe we're overly ambitious. Out of the many, there are a few specific ones we are focusing on at the moment. In the first place, our dream is to be able to deliver our pasta and our dessert nationwide and open a separated kitchen to deal with Gluten-Free pasta. Another very important point for us that we realized while studying similar business is that at some point to cope with the volume of orders, the quality of the food is compromised. We would like to set minimum standards for ourselves so that as we expand we can maintain the handmade quality.

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