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We are Gemma and Nello, or @thesecretitalianblog. We first created our blog during the first coronavirus lockdown, while both of us were furloughed. Nello is a professional waiter in a Michelin star restaurant and grew up in the rich culinary culture of the south of Italy. Gemma is currently a masters student with a passion for world food, art and sustainability. 

Our aim is to create simple and healthy recipes, and strongly believe that our food and the way we eat must be aligned with environmental and social responsibility. Our recipes try to waste as little as possible, and we are big advocates of regenerative farming techniques. We believe that healthy cooking does not mean compromising flavour. 

The food that we eat affects who we are. Our physical and mental wellbeing is inextricably tied our diet, while relationships are formed and nurtured through eating together.

We hope that through our recipes, we can inspire you to become better eaters, and in doing so, better people.